Our collections so far – June 2012

As of 19th June 2012, here are our set of links which compiled pages in our blog :

Year 4 :

Year 5 :

Year 6 :


How to download notes and exercises ?

At the right side of our blog, there is a big white block with folders, each folder according to year or classes have been classified. Just click on the folder and click on the document that you want to download and it will open a box for you to specify where you want it to be save.


This blog was created as a platform for our subject to share videos, exercises and learning contents with our learners in S.R Kg Mata-Mata, Gadong which is located in Brunei Darussalam. Parents and visitors can also download exercises and notes from previous lesson to use as reinforcement at home. We will continue updating our site in due time as we embark upon our journey in our social Studies Lesson. Feel free to drop comments in our pages. Thank you for visiting.


Cikgu Hj Kairulazhar,
Blog administrator,
S.R Kg Mata-Mata, Gadong,
Brunei Darussalam.